Great Barrier Reef

Charonne Ruth Glass

'Great Barrier Reef' is named in memory of Anne Metcalfe, much loved mother, grandmother and friend who died this year, aged 81.

I knew Anne briefly, and in that time she shone as a warm, articulate and honourable woman.

Anne was frail at the time, yet strong to the core. I could see the valiant woman who will be remembered by the wider community for her integrity and political activities as a Lib Dem Counsellor; as well as her softer side, her kindness and wit as an English teacher many decades before.

Most of all, I saw Anne's grace as she never flinched in fighting the good fight nor faded in her love and compassion for her family.

Anne lit up when she reminisced about her travels by the sea, that I decided to name this piece that reflects aquatic life after her.

To purchase or to see the work in person, please contact Ken Saunders.

'Great Barrier Reef', 25cm W x 10cm D x 27cm H
Blown Glass, Kiln Cast Glass, Cold Worked
photo by Shannon Tofts

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