Collaboration with Interior Designers


A kaleidoscope of splendour
private client 


The work reminds us of everyday magic in the natural world: how elements invisible and unbeknown to us - light, refraction, movement - can affect, shape and change what we see.

Why not transform an interior space into a dynamic weave of colour and light? A place that is wondrous and spiritually uplifting, where light and art compliments your vision?


A kaleidoscope of splendour, new patterns, shapes, colours emerge as I walk around the piece.


My Studio can collaborate with interior designers and private clients on bringing together the patterns and palettes of textiles and furniture into a living, breathing array of colour and light. I design all of the raw materials I melt into each sculpure to offer a wonderful range of patterns and sumptuous colours for you to choose from.

Between my technology background and glass working, I have vast experience project managing initiatives internationally, so can take on projects big and small with either public or private clients.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to explore how we can collaborate on projects. Commissions could be functional pieces of glass (e.g. tables) or Art.