Commissions for Tech Companies


Think Different

— Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs got us to think differently, because he enabled us to  SEE technology differently.

I would argue that Charonne Ruth Glass is a powerful metaphor for tech companies who are creating disruptive technologies, because the work encourages us to step outside our frame of reference to take on different perspectives.

Before establishing a full time glass studio in 2016, I worked for 25 years in technology, starting at the innovation lab in MIT, Boston and finishing as Head of Technology for the Arts Council in Scotland. In both fields - technology and glass - my focus and strength has been collaboration: fostering creative communities amongst diverse teams, where I encourage individuals to step outside their vantage point and to re-imagine ways of working and making.

In my experience reflecting on problems from multiple viewpoints brings about fresh and often startling insights. This glass Art brings that concept alive in the form of transient colour and light.

With a keen and able foot in both worlds, I welcome collaborations with organisations who want to instil in their company culture the notion of 'see different, think different'.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to explore how we can collaborate on projects. Commissions could be functional pieces of glass (e.g. tables) or Art for meeting rooms or open spaces.