Alex and Tilly's Wedding

Alex and Tilly married on 24 April 2021 in Australia. Unfortunately this was in the midst of a global pandemic - COVID-19 - and although Australia enjoyed normality at that particular point in time, we in the UK, US, South Africa, Europe and beyond were unable to attend due to various degrees of travel restrictions. To add another layer of complexity, the venue Collit’s Inn in the Blue Mountains didn’t have a reliable internet signal!

So AJ and I organised for a local production company to stream the event. KFM captured moments throughout the day on different SIMM cards, which allowed them to edit each card on-site, then shuttle it back to base (30 minutes away) where the playlist could be 'livestreamed’ from their studio.

Because there are long gaps within the stream (when the camera was switched off during ‘off periods’ throughout the day), we've added bookmarks to allow you to jump directly to moments. 

In between the ceremony and reception, we organised an on-line event for Alex's friends and family to be able to share their love, enthusiasm and blessings for the bride and groom. It was a wonderful warm chat with Zak in Thailand, Steve here at Monkrigg, along with Donald, and Rachel, Tom, Alice and Alison.