Le Meije

Charonne Ruth Glass

'Le Meije' is inspired by our paragliding adventure in the French Alps to mark my 51st birthday!

The diaphanous lightness of being... We tandem paraglided from Le Meije 10,000 feet high, flying above birds and even higher than a low flying plane.

The lines in the work remind me of the feel and the sound of whirling wind so high up in the air. As we flew through the air in a solid, steady line, winds brushed us all around. This piece reminds me of what it was like to hover in that kind of sphere, like the solid opaque lime yellow amidst gentle lashings of orange and purple.


To purchase or to see the work in person, please contact Ken Saunders.

'Le Meije', 25cm W x 8cm D x 12cm H
Blown Glass, Kiln Cast Glass, Cold Worked
photo by Shannon Tofts

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