Lollipop Moon

Charonne Ruth Glass

'Lollipop Moon' is inspired by the supermoon, a captivating full moon that looks like an enormous flat yellow disc that draws our eye in... 

No beginning, no end, no front, no back, each piece is inspired by the natural world around us: the way it’s constantly in flux and change; and its extraordinary beauty continues to delight and surprise us.

This piece is made of layers of translucent spheres, one set inside the other, with energetic mark making at the core. Subsequent cutting and polishing reveals what’s inside, blending colours differently from every perspective.

To purchase or to see the work in person, please contact Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery

Made in collaboration with Devereux and Huskie, London
'Lollipop Moon', 20cm round
Blown Glass, Cut, Cold Worked
photo by Shannon Tofts

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